Counselling and Psychotherapy for Addiction, Trauma and Relationships.

cocaine, ice, alcohol, meth, drug abuse counselling

Addiction and Trauma come hand in hand. If you have experienced childhood or adult trauma, PTSD, abuse or neglect it is likley you have been medicating in some way.

Whether you are using drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, work, food or relationships as a way to escape your reality, there is a reason you started and a reason you can't stop.

Mental Health issues keep us isolated  feeling shame and hopless. We can't recover and heal in isolation, so pick up the phone and take the first step in your healing journey. 

Recovery from Addiction, Trauma, Sex and Love Addiction is possible.

Addiction, Trauma and Relationship Specialist

We're here to help you heal 

Addiction, Trauma & Relationship Therapy

Need help to stop using ?

Have you tried getting clean or sober alone and keep relapsing?

Does your trauma and PTSD hold you back from enjoying life?

Do you medicate your trauma or issues in realtionships?

Have you just left detox or rehab and need support transitioning back into life?

Do you have symptoms of CPTSD or PTSD and dont know how to cope?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Counselling and Coaching for Sex & Love Addiction

Do you struggle with relationships, love addicition and avoidance, sexual anorexia or addiction?

Does your early childhood trauma keep repeating in your relationships?

Do you need help with setting boundaries in relationships?

Looking for a Dating Coach/ Therapist that understands attachment?

Looking for an experienced therapist?

 Do you need help with Porn Addiction?

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling

Are you needing to rebuild trust, communication and intimacy in your relationship?

Have you experienced infedility or betrayal from an intimate partner?

Need help getting the spark back in the marriage?

Do you need help understanding why your early attachment patterns are impacting your current realtionship?

Thinking about getting a divorce or breaking up?

Conscious uncoupling.

Addicition and Trauma Therapist
Addiction and Trauma Therapy Sydney North