Counselling and Psychotherapy for Addiction, Trauma and Relationships.

Addiction and Trauma come hand in hand. If you have experienced childhood or adult trauma it is likley you have been medicating in some way.

Whether you are using drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, work, food or relationships as a way to escape your reality, there is a reason you started and a reason you can't stop. 


Recovery from Addiction, Trama, Love Addiction and Avoidance is possible.

Do you want recovery from Addiction and Trauma?

Counselling and Coaching 

Do you struugle with relationships, love addicition and avoidance, sexual anorexia or addiction?

Couples Counselling

Are you needing to rebuilt trust, communication and intimacy in your relationship?

Addicition and Trauma Therapist
Addiction and Trauma Therapy Sydney North