Sex and Love in The City Blog

Welcome to “Sex and Love in the City”, a blog dedicated to discussing the often taboo topics of sex and love. Our society has long shied away from openly discussing these subjects, leading to feelings of shame and stigma for those struggling with issues related to sex and love. As a therapist specializing in sex and love addiction, Tori McCarthy has seen firsthand the harm that can come from keeping these topics in the shadows. Through this blog, Tori aims to help bring these topics into the light and provide support for those who may be struggling. Whether you are dealing with addiction, exploring your sexuality, or simply seeking to improve your relationships, this blog is a safe space for you to learn, grow, and connect with others who share your experiences. So let’s start the conversation and break down the barriers that have kept us from fully embracing our sexuality and experiencing the love we deserve.

Addicition and Trauma Therapist