Tori McCarthy

Tori has had extensive experience working in the fields of addiction, trauma and mental health, believing strongly in each persons capacity for healing.

Incorporating her training in process orientated psychology, addiction counselling, Pia Melody’s post induction therapy and the wisdom of the cycles she brings an intuitive, experiential and wholistic approach to therapy. 

"Having travelled my own healing journey I know the bravery it takes to lean into the places that we often avoid and abandon".

Detoxing from emotional wounds often brings about a greater level of resistance and fear than detoxing from drugs and alcohol. This is why the therapeutic alliance is one that is of great value and importance. It provides the safe container for authentic expression and the vulnerability required for healing to occur.


Post Grad training in Process Orientated Psychology.

BA Social Science

Diploma Addiction Counselling

Pia melody’s Post Induction Therapy through the Meadows.

Love Addiction and Avoidance through the Meadows

Graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft